More than 1000 Nordic companies are operating and investing in Africa

Focussing on the differences in business culture will optimize your business and save valuable time of operation

We have arranged and facilitated more than 100 seminars about doing business in Africa

At each seminar the case companies will provide insights on scaling, strategy and partnerships


AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK is the largest business network in the Nordics with focus on investments and trade in Africa

    AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK is the gateway to business in Africa      


  • Copenhagen, Denmark, January 23rd (subject to change), Healthcare Cluster Roundtable Meeting at Roche Diagnostics: “Sustainability in healthcare development in Africa“. 
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, January 27th, Uganda Embassy Roundtable Meeting: Uganda Forum – a platform for business communities in Denmark and Uganda for trade and investments.  
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, February 10th, 2022, AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK seminar: “Sustainable Development Goals – a framework for business opportunities in Africa”.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, February 23rd, 2022, UN cluster roundtable meeting: “How to explore business opportunities with the UN and how to engage with UN Procurement Officers”
  • Oslo, Norway, March 10th, 2022, AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK seminar: “Sustainable Development Goals – a framework for business opportunities in Africa”.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, March 24th, 2022, Nordic UN Business Cluster Roundtable meeting: “From procurement volume to profit-making” 
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, April 7th, 2022, AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK seminar :”Nordic innovative businesses in Africa post Covid-19“.
  • Helsinki, Finland, May 12th, 2022, AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK seminar: “Nordic impact of ICT business and digitalization in Africa”
  • Stockholm, Sweden, May 26th, 2022, Healthcare Cluster Roundtable Meeting: “Post Covid-19 business opportunities“. 








    AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK seminars are great events to meet with other organisations and people who actively develop business and projects in the fastest growing and youngest continent on our planet. They are also great for establishing pan-Nordic contacts

    Aape Pohjavirta

    Funzi Chief Evangelist, Founder , Funzi (Finland)

    The seminars organised by Africa Innovation Network are great platforms for being updated on relevant subjects when doing business in the growing African economies and to meet and share experience with like-minded. If Africa is part of your future strategy, this network is highly recommendable

    Ib Albertsen

    Investment Director , IFU (Denmark)

    Africa Innovation Network arranges interesting and insightful seminars about businesses opportunities in Africa. A continent full of opportunities and also potential missteps that should be avoided. The seminars are a great platform for networking and for sharing experiences. If you intend to do business in Africa, then we recommend keeping an eye on the seminar program

    Hans Becker

    CEO, Red Flash (Sweden)

    AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® is a private held company with headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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