Nordic Edtech Business Cluster

For Nordic companies in the edtech sector

Companies in the edtech sector in Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland can join our business cluster. We have min. 4 meetings a year, an annual Edtech Summit and 1-2 business delegations to selected countries in Africa a year. 


Penetration in Africa 


Present in African countries

We gather Nordic Edtech companies with focus on business in Africa 

How to penetrate the African edtech markets

The Edtech cluster focuses on how to penetrate the African edtech markets, how to get access to the right people; authorities, academia/ universities and other relevant stakeholders in the African countries.  The edtech activities in our Nordic Edtech Business cluster take place in close dialogue with our members.

Visit to selected African countries

Within 2021-22 we are aiming at visiting 2 African countries/markets for further
investigation of the local edtech ecosystems.

Annual fee / Venue

(Edtech) Members of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK: Free of charge
Non-members: EURO 1500 (ex. VAT) a year (each company).

Tech gives the quietest student a voice

Scaling up edtech business in Africa 

EdTech, also referred to as educational technology, is the process of integrating technology and media into learning theory. This is done by various companies create opportunities to integrate digital technology into higher education, classrooms and in business training programs. The future of educational technology could eventually create paper reduced schools, online classes, help tutorials, training programs and quizzes, which are accessible internationally.

Director & Partner, PhD, Tanja K. Nielsen is our Nordic Edtech Business responsible. In ccollaboration with our local partners in Norway, Sweden and Finland, Tanja is the overall responsible for the meetings and content.

Get in touch with Tanja:

Teaching with technology is the future of education and it’s helping teachers, students, parents and educators to grow more attached to the idea of generating educational outcomes worldwide. Meeting the diverse needs of populations that are served worldwide requires the use of leveraging devices and building a platform for the future success of students. In order to do this, various companies need to build the framework for the future of educational technology.

The growing edtech industry in Africa creates adaptive interfaces, classroom engagement boosters, education-specific fundraising sites, and new educational initiatives in the form of technology to educate students, change the way that homework is handled, as well as the way that students are evaluated and tested online. The African Edtech market is growing rapidly and Nordic companies can make a significant difference in this space. 

We partner up with the existing Edtech ecosystem in the Nordics and Africa 

We are collaborating with the exisitng Edtech ecosystems in both Africa and the Nordics. Our Nordic Edtech cluster creates innovative value to the exisitng Edtech environments by scaling up the Edtech sector in Africa and creating new business opportunities both for Africa and the Nordics. Below you´ll find Nordic and African partners. Click on the logos and you´ll be directed to the respective webpages.

Next meeting(s)

We will have 4 annual meetings in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki a year, as well as an annual summit in each of above capitals, starting in Copenhagen, June 2021. 

The first meetings will soon be listed here: 

Copenhagen: September TBA, 2020

Oslo: September TBA, 2020

Stockholm: September TBA, 2020

Helsinki: September TBA, 2020 

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK Nordic Edtech Business Cluster is for Nordic companies in the Edtech sector looking at the African continent as a market for penetration. If you like to apply for membership please send us an message through the contact form. Contact our Director, PhD Ms. Tanja K. Nielsen if you would like to know more about our Nordic Edtech Business cluster: