BUSINESS DELEGATIONS in Africa for nordic companies 

Business Delegations


  • Business Delegation to South Africa, May 11th – May 13th. Follow link: Nordic Healthcare & Lifescience Delegation to South Africa” 

  • Business Delegation to Kenya June 2022. Follow link: Business Delegation in the Coffee Industry



We arrange business delegations to countries in Africa. Our business delegations are:
  • Practical/hands-on experience and business oriented
  • focusing on a specific sector/industry or
  • focusing on a mega trend (e.g. digitalization) or
  • focusing on a specific entity (e.g. UN organizations).
The value of business delegations:
  • Site/company-visits
  • meetings with relevant representatives /potential distributers/partners/clients.
  • individual meetings with local organisations/companies
  • meetings with relevant officials
  • networking and meeting other companies on the delegation/making new business connections/collaborations.


Contact our President if you have any questions.

Ms. Tanja K. Nielsen
Ms. Tanja K. Nielsen


“Nordic companies have relaxed leadership models, think innovative and they are very motivated to engage in new partnerships if there is a clear business purpose”