Business Delegations



  • October 18th – 20th: Business Delegation in the Tourism Industry in Rwanda: Rwanda Tourism




We have arranged 11 business delegations to countries in Africa. Our business delegations are:


  • Practical/hands-on experience and business oriented
  • focusing on a specific sector/industry or
  • focusing on a mega trend (e.g. digitalization) or
  • focusing on a specific entity (e.g. UN organizations).


The value of business delegations:


  • Site/company-visits
  • meetings with relevant representatives /potential distributers/partners/clients.
  • individual meetings with local organisations/companies
  • meetings with relevant officials
  • networking and meeting other companies on the delegation/making new business connections/collaborations.


Contact our CEO, Mr. Flemming Sørensen if you have any questions. E-mail: 

“Nordic companies have relaxed leadership models, think innovative and they are very motivated to engage in new partnerships if there is a clear business purpose”