“We believe Nordic companies can make a significant difference in Africa” 


Connecting businesses to the right people 


AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® is now embarking on the most ambitious networking strategy to date. The goal is to create the most comprehensive bridge between Nordic and African ecosystems, clusters, companies and organisations.  Inviting existing ecosystems, clusters, investors and local partners in 10 selected African countries to become a part of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK®. We are creating what is going to be the largest stimulating Nordic-African movement. In 2019 we started AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® South Africa. In 2021 we are starting in Kenya and Nigeria.   


Value to your business


1) Finding the right market

One the first barriers to overcome if you are about to enter the African markets, is to determine which country to start doing business in. Africa is a huge continent with +50 countries, different market size, sector focus, national strategy, population and culture. Nordic companies do mainly business in 14-16 African countries depending on which sector they represent. Population in Africa will double within 30 years, 5 of the world largest mega cities will be located in Africa due to massive urbanisation and internet penetration is rapidly increasing due to huge investments in infrastructure, digitalisation and the youngest population at the time being.   

2) Your local partner

It is crusial to start up business with the right partner, no matter where you intend to do business. Finding the right partner is often demanding and resourceful and depending on the right network of relevant business people including how to access these.      

3) Business model and partnerships

80% of the Nordic companies start doing business with a local partner in a Joint Venture and later a merger/acquisition.  Engaging with local partners can be a very good idea as your local partner is well-connected and established in the local community. Starting all over by yourself is the most demanding model. 


4) Understanding the African business culture

The African continent is a huge continent consisting of  +50 countries and hundreds of local cultures, norms and etiquets, and it is very important to understand, and accept, that the local business context you are about to operate in, can be very different from the business cultures in the Nordics. 

A major cultural barrier between our two continents is “perception of time” which often causes frustrations in the partnership. By understanding, accepting and focussing on the business culture, business will run better and the results will come faster.

5) External financing

There are more than 170 funding opportunities available for businesses that would like to start doing business in Africa, allocated to all sectors and all areas of Africa. Especially if you are a smaller and medium sized company, grants and partly funding can make the difference.   

6) Stakeholders

Elaborating a stakeholder analysis is mandatory in your business plan. By identifying the most relevant stakeholders in the local environment you are operating in, you will learn this can lead to further business. 





Networking, clusters and ecosystems

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® is bridging Nordic and African companies and organisations











Penetration in Africa 


Present in African countries

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® comply with UN Sustainable Development Goal nr. 17 “Partnerships”

“Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”





AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® present a wide range of topics relevant for companies that are doing or wish to do business in the African region. We facilitate 4-5 seminars and a number of business- and roundtable meetings a year, focusing specifically on the daily challenges of doing business in Africa from the Nordic countries where we operate. Furthermore we facilitate workshops, guided tours, country visits and educational modules. From 2019 we facilitate a number of sector business clusters, starting with healthcare, UN and, Fintech clusters. 

We also faciliate various business and networking meetings in cooperation with the African embassies present in the Nordic countries.




In 2019 we will facilitate various sectoral clusters focusing on business in Africa. We will have 4-5 meetings in each cluster a year. We kindly invite companies to join our AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® business clusters within the following industries;

Advantages for Members

Knowledge sharing

Meet companies already operating in Africa and get valuable information about how to do business in Africa 

Discuss business

Discuss business opportunities in Africa with potential clients, partners, authorities, organisations and diplomats 

Gateway to diplomacy

Meet the African diplomats resident in the Nordics and learn more about the local political agenda in the African countries  


It´s about knowing the right people when doing business in Africa. Meet the right people with the competences you need for scaling up your business in Africa. 

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Nordic businesses think sustainability in the business model and strategy










…in the Nordics 

Mr. Flemming Sørensen
President, Partner (DK)
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Ms. Tanja Knoblauch Nielsen
Director, Partner (DK)
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Mr. Joakim Hedenstedt
Partner, Sweden (S)
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Mr. Mads M. Kronborg
Chairman of the Board, Partner
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…..and in Africa 

Mr. Volker Werth
CEO, InterGest South Africa
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Mrs. Charné Horn
Business Developer, South Africa
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We carry out seminars, conferences, round table meetings and business & networking meetings at the African embassies in the Nordics and in Africa


AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® does not collect any special categories of personal data about you (this includes details about your race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex life, sexual orientation, political opinions, trade union membership, information about your health and genetic and biometric data). Any data we get from you is solely used internally in AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® and not submitted to any third party or entity at all. Our Privacy policy


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