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JobnetAfrica is the name of the most reliable site for international and diaspora professionals that are looking for careers in Africa. Our platform is available for anyone looking to live and work in Africa, has done this before or still does. The international or expat jobs we offer are realistic and actually do exist. Our goal is to link reliable employers with the best candidates available, to create careers in Africa.

Our team exists of highly passionate people that worked part of their careers in Africa and have a specific bond with the African continent. Unlike most job search sites we feel that everybody that took the time to contact us deserves a response. Therefor we have developed a very personal and informal way of working. With this approach we have realised many successful matches in the past and will continue to increase this number in the coming years!

JobnetAfrica offers several services online and offline, for employers and candidates.  With our personal approach our team of Africa experts is always willing to offer a helping hand. So please let us know in case you feel lost in persuading your careers in Africa!


Some history…


It all started in 2010 when driving back from Lake Malawi to Lilongwe after a relaxing weekend away. Our contract was coming to an end and we had decided to move back to the Netherlands. Knowing we would miss the continent we fantasised about how we could have the best of both worlds. Family and friends in the Netherlands nearby and still being able to explore the African continent, lush surroundings, lovely climate and it’s people. Setting up our own company was the answer. But in what?

In 2011 we arrived back in the Netherlands and started working on our plan; Werk in Afrika Recruitment Services. With many hours hard work and dedication we managed to set up a successful recruitment firm targeting the international market in Africa. Creating careers in Africa. In 2016, 5 years later it was time for the next step.

JobnetAfrica is part of the World Recruitment Centre B.V. holding and offers job and profile advertisement for the international professional passionate about obtaining or maintaining their careers in Africa!


Mrs. Inez Willeboordse
Managing Partner
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