Impact Roasters is more than great coffee – it´s a movement


By drinking our coffee you leave a positive footprint on the world. Each cup of coffee secures school uniforms, quality education and job creating projects in Ethiopia. At IMPACT ROASTERS it is not only something we say – we do it!

Our members’ purchase has secured 1000 school children access to clean water. We have trained around 50 young men and women in sewing and handicraft and by creating a concrete production facility to renew and sanitise schools and communities we have secured them jobs. This is without the many school uniforms, sports clothes, note books etc that we have supplied youth with.

Global Impact

Our trade model is designed to empower and bring change to the local communities in which our coffee is grown. We pay high price to motivate our producers. We give trainings on producing high-quality coffee. on top of that, we invest in projects related to education, job-creation and youth development. The projects are developed by the local communities to ensure sustainability and local ownership. We call this Impact Trade!

Our trade model make use of globalisation without exploiting global inequalities and trade relations. We do not believe that one model fits all coffee producing countries and methods which is why we believe that Fair Trade has outlived its original purpose. By cutting out middle-men , work to empower whole societies and not just coffee farmers and owners of coffee washing stations. Due to the fact that our point of departure is Ethiopia and not Denmark we can offer gourmet coffee at competitive prices while investing in projects in Ethiopia.


Mr. Daniel Halalla
Mob: (+45) 42435407