Funding your business in Africa 

Seminar, Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 in Johannesburg
(South Africa)

Companies in South Africa can join AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® in Johannesburg. We have min. 4 seminars a year and 1-2 business delegations to the Nordics a year. 





AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® is a Nordic based business network with focus on business in Africa. In cooperation with our partner in South Africa, InterGest South Africa Ltd (Pty) we are launching “AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® South Africa”. We will carry out 4-5 seminars a year, focussing on the business environment in the Nordics. Our ambition is, to build the most relevant bridge between Nordic and African businesses. 

We gather South African companies with focus on business in the Nordics 

How to do business with Nordic partners

At this seminar, Thursday, March 3rd, 2020 in Johannesburg (South Africa) –  we will focus on how to obtain external funding to your business in South Africa. There are more than 200 different funding opportunities in Africa and the Nordics for businesess in many sectors, doing business in Africa. We will highlight some of the funding opportunities availbale for Nordic/African joint ventures as well as how to do business with Nordic partners. 


4.30 pm: Registration 

4.45 pm: Welcome to AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK in South Africa 
Managing Director, Mr. Volker Werth, InterGest South Africa 

5.10 pm: Funding opportunties in Africa (Online “zoom” from the Nordics)
CEO, Mr. Flemming Soerensen, Nordekon Consultancy Company
Consultant, Ms. Sarah Skou Andreasen, Nordekon Consultancy Company
Consultant, Ms. Cecilie Lindstrom, Nordekon Consultancy Company

Networking break 

6.10 pm: Company case 1: TBA

Networking break 

6.30 pm: South African economic outlook: Nedbank
TBA from Nedbank, Nedbank
– A brief overview of the funding options at Nedbank 

Networking break 

7.00 pm: Company case 2: TBA

Networking break 

7.30 pm: Company case 3: TBA

8.00 pm: Networking
We have also invited relevant African and Nordic diplomats to participate in the seminar. We will serve beer/wine as well as non-alcoholic drinks.

There will be served coffee/the during the seminar.


Meet Our Speakers

Mr. Flemming Sørensen
Mr. Flemming Sørensen

CEO, Nordekon Consultancy Company

Mr. Volker Werth
Mr. Volker Werth

Managing Director, InterGest South Africa

Ms. Sarah Skou Andreasen
Ms. Sarah Skou Andreasen

Consultant, Nordekon Consultancy Company


The speaking companies are all companies with extensive experience in doing business with Nordic companies and leaders from the Nordics. 

Ms. Cecilie Camilla Lindstrom
Ms. Cecilie Camilla Lindstrom

Consultant, Nordekon Consultancy Company

“Nordic companies have relaxed leadership models, think innovative and they are very motivated to engage in new partnerships if there is a clear business purpose”

Date &  Participation fee


March 3rd, 2020 from 4.30 pm – 8.30 pm 

Venue partner :


South Africa

Managing Director, Mr. Volker Werth 

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK in South Africa is for South African companies with focus on business in the Nordics. If you would like to apply for membership please send us a message by using the contact form.

Contact our local partner InterGest Ltd (Pty) in South Africa if you have any questions regarding AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK in South Africa:

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