“Africa’s population will approach 1.68 billion by 2030, more than 60% higher than the figure recorded 20 years earlier”


The UN Population Division 










In 2019 we will facilitate various sectoral groups focusing on business in Africa. We will have 4-5 meetings a year. The groups will act as clusters and therefore we would like to invite your company to join our AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK ICT business clusters, starting March 7th,  2019 in Copenhagen.


How to penetrate the FMCG market

Our focus will be on how to penetrate the African FMCG market and how to get access to the right people, partners, distributors, authorities vice versa and how to custom clear goods and products in to, and out off, Africa. The voice of the members is very important and subsequent to the launch of our FMCG business cluster you as member will have a strong voice in developing the FMCG cluster.


Visit to specific African markets

Within 2019 it is our goal to visit some of the most interesting FMCG markets in Africa.


Annual FMCG Business fee / Venue 

Members of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK: Free of charge
Non-members: DKK 4.500,00 EX. VAT (each company)
Venue: Copenhagen (TBA)

Africa has an emerging and expanding middle-class of consumers that is demanding premium everyday products and has the proven spending power to pursue them. To capitalise on this growing demographic, it is incumbent on FMCG companies to understand the intricacies of each market. The first businesses to identify untapped target consumers and optimise distribution channels to reach them will have a significant advantage

“Besides the size of the population and spending power, other key growth drivers of the FMCG market include population density, infrastructure development, downstream industry effectiveness, economic policy and business legislation”


World Bank