Fintech Business Cluster in Denmark

For companies in the fintech sector

Companies in the fintech sector in Denmark can join our AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® Fintech Business Cluster. We have min. 4 meetings a year and 1-2 business delegations to selected countries in Africa a year. 


Penetration in Africa 


Present in African countries

We gather Danish fintech companies with focus on business in Africa 

How to penetrate the African fintech markets

Our focus will be on how to penetrate the African fintech markets, how to get access to the right people; authorities, financial institutions, tech clusters, universities and other relevant stakeholder in the African countries.  The voice of our members is very important and the work to be done and activities to be carried out in our fintech business cluster – will be in close dialogue with our members.

Meeting duration

We will have min. 4 meetings a year. Meetings are from 1 pm – 3.30 pm

Visit to selected African countries

Within 2020 we are aiming at visiting 1-2 African countries / markets for further investigation.

Annual fee / Venue

(Fintech) Members of AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK: Free of charge
Non-members: EURO 900 (ex. VAT) a year (each company) 
Venue: Copenhagen 

Kickoff meeting

Our very first meeting is held on November 6th, 2019 in Copenhagen

Our next fintech business delegation

We are aiming at visiting the 1-2 African countries a year. The duration of our business delegations is 3-5 days, depending on the character of the visit and the amount of matchmaking meetings on location. 


We are visiting a specific country in Africa decided by the members of our cluster. We arrange B2b meetings, with educational/public institutions, local partners, investors or any other relevant stakeholder

Next meeting(s)



Kickoff meeting in Copenhagen

At this very first kickoff meeting we´ll meet in Copenhagen. Address will be announced shortly. 

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK® Fintech Business Cluster is for companies in the fintech sector looking at the African continent as a market for penetration. If you would like to apply for membership please send us an message by using the contact form. Contact Ms. Sarah Skou Andreasen: