How to partner with strategic CSR stakeholders and create an impact on several UN Sustainable Development Goals










Impact Projects – How to do sustainable CSR in compliance with several UN SDG´s, March 23rd 2018 in Copenhagen

Why should I participate?

The seminar will provide inspiration on how to benefit from involvement in impact projects. In cooperation with Evershelter, we will present a concrete example of how an innovative approach to the largest humanitarian challenge today can create significant long-term impact where current solutions have been inadequate.

Rehousing refugees is typically approached with humanitarian aid and relief with a short-term horizon, to the detriment of the environment and to the people affected. Furthermore, the global cost of rehousing refugees is more than USD 500 million annually. This cost can be significantly reduced by taking a more innovative approach.


Target group

This seminar targets companies and foundations from all sectors already operating in Africa and companies that are considering to enter the African markets as well as companies and organisations that see a benefit in participating in a specific impact project.



1.00 pm: Registration

1.10 pm: Welcome
CEO, Mr. Flemming Sørensen, Nordekon ApS (

1.20 pm: The necessity of partnerships to alleviate the refugee crisis
Danish Refugee Council (
– Secretary General, Mr. Christian Friis Bach

2.00 pm: Benefits from working with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Grundfos A/S (
– Group vice President, Public Affairs and Engagement, Mr. Kim Nøhr Skibsted

3.00 pm: An opportunity to participate in an Impact Partnership
CEO, Mr. Jakob Christensen, Evershelter ApS (

4.00 pm: Closing remarks
Chairman, Mr. Jon Risvig, Evershelter ApS (

An innovative approach to creating impact in a global crisis – The Challenge

A radically increasing number of refugees in third world countries is a global challenge. Refugee camps end up unchanged for decades leaving the displaced populations dependent on aid. Existing humanitarian solutions have so far been unable to create sufficient im- pact.

The Solution

A showcase for the world, demonstrating how a commer- cial innovative solution to a humanitarian challenge can create positive long-term impact. A solution demonstrating a local production concept of shelters for both families, clinics and schools implemented by the Impact Partnership between companies, NGOs, goverments and local communities.

The Immediate Impact

The proposed showcase will improve the lives of more than 10,000 refugees and establish the basis for education of 5,000 children who are currently not going to school. This will transform a camp into a sustainable society moved towards independence of humanitarian aid. Local production and construction will create 150-250 local jobs and the capability to handle similar challenges going forward.

Friday, March 23rd, 2018 at 1.00 pm
Gorrissen Federspiel
Axel Torv 2
1609  Copenhagen V.

Free of charge

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  • Hear more about how partnerships between private companies, NGOs and governments are necessary to alleviate a global humanitarian crisis

  • Understand how to start working with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´)

  • Learn about a concrete impact project in Africa