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About B2Africa Magazine

B2Africa Magazine presents a broad spectrum of business cases from companies that have pursued business opportunities across Africa. With B2Africa Magazine, we continuously want to show how companies can operate successfully in Africa while both contributing to their core business and the local development in the region.

B2Africa magazine is a magazine focusing solely on Nordic companies’ stories from Africa. With this magazine we acknowledge companies that have travelled outside their comfort zone and taken all the solid Scandinavian virtues with them to Africa in order to pursue business opportunities while creating prosperity and better living conditions with and for their African stakeholders and local partners.

We publish the Scandinavian company cases free of charge and if you would like to get your business case posted in our magazine, please contact Associate Communication Director (Journalist), Mrs. Anne Mette Futtrup: amf@nordekon.com


B2Africa Magazine is financed through ads and if you are interested in having your add in the magazine, please contact us. B2Africa Magazine is estimated to reach 8500 recipients.

Deadline / Editions

B2Africa Magazine will be available as an online magazine in 4 yearly editions.

In 2018 B2Africa Magazine will be published:

  • June
  • August
  • November
  • January (2019)

B2Africa Magazine is published by Nordekon ApS
– the leading consultancy company when doing business in emerging markets

Contact Associate Communication Director, Anne Mette Futtrup for further information: amf@nordekon.com

Nordekon ApS
Kløvermarksvej 70

2300 Copenhagen
(+45) 7027 2625


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