The largest Nordic business network with focus on trade and investments in Africa

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK comply with UN Sustainable Development Goal nr. 17 “Partnerships”

“Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”




“In order to do succesful business in Africa – It´s about knowing the right people”


Nordic businesses think sustainablity in the business



AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK (AIN) is the largest and most well-renowned business network for Nordic interests in Africa, with a minimum of four annual seminars and various business meetings at the African Embassies in the Nordic countries. The thematic seminars includes relevant topics and interesting business cases. Members include companies from all sectors, educational institutions, funding institutions resident ambassadors, organisations, and various trade associations, UN Organisation and NGOs. In 2017 we established AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK in Finland and in 2018 we have started up AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK in Sweden. This makes AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK by far the largest Nordic business network with focus on investments, trade and sustainable business in Africa.

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK is a private and independent business network based on yearly membership. Annual memberships of AIN costs EURO 2,500 (ex. VAT) for large enterprises and EURO 1,500 (ex. VAT) for medium sized enterprises, covering 2 persons from the same company/organisation participating in all seminars and business meetings. Membership of AFRICA INNOVATION  NETWORK gives access to any seminar or business meeting we arrange and facilitate all over the Nordics.



AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK presents a wide range of topics relevant for companies that are doing or wish to do business in the African region. We facilitate 4-5 seminars and a number of business- and roundtable meetings, focusing specifically on the daily challenges of doing business in Africa in the Nordic countries where we operate. Furthermore we facilitate workshops, guided tours, country visits, educational modules amongst others.

We also faciliate various business and networking meetings in cooperation with the African embassies present in the Nordic countries.

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK is hosted by Nordekon ApS – the leading Nordic consultancy company when doing business in Africa.

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We carry out seminars, conferences, round table meetings and business & networking meetings at the African embassies in the Nordics

AFRICA INNOVATION NETWORK is facilitated by Nordekon ApS
– the leading Nordic consultancy company when doing business in Africa

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